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Tribute to Red

Welcome to the web site of Fizzlepop the clown. Fizzlepop is the creation of Al Greenwood and he has been entertaining crowds of all ages for over 20 years. Inside our site you will find a collection of memories of the career of one of Canada's favourite entertainers. See the link at the bottom left for Al's newest endeavour a Tribute to Red Skelton .

Use our contact page to collect information about bookings and to secure an appearance at your next event.

Al's career began in Ottawa as a hobby. Four years later with the formation of Capit-Al Clowns it became his full time professional passion. Combining his clowning experiences with Teaching Theatrical Performance and Clowning rounds out a complete professional career.

The unique character Fizzlepop is adored by thousands. His quick wit, hilarious facial expressions, comical voice and snappy appearance are the reasons for the many bookings and return engagements.

Fizzlepop the clown
Having brought laughter to audiences in Mexico, The United States and in many of Canada's Provinces in the form of stage shows, Parades, Private Parties has only heightened his desire to more of the same.
He truly is A Clown for all Reasons.

Property of Al Greenwood Fizzlepop the Clown
Al Greenwood as Red Skelton